Are your SAFETEY PRACTICES up to date?

We specialize in securing your property through conducting physical site and threat assessments by our certified law enforcement security assessment specialists.

Safeguard specializes in keeping our clients safe by proactively evaluating all possible weak points to help avoid unseen threats and becoming a victim.

Safeguard specializes in creating and reviewing policies and procedures to use as a roadmap for day-to-day operations. This includes evacuation plans for fire, weather, and natural disasters.

Your safety is our priority.

We offer safety plans for an active killer and or an active threat.

Your safety is our priority

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We believe in building a partnership with our clients and staff, building from the concerns of those members. Once this partnership is established, Safeguard can work on educating and training your staff on what to look for and how to be more aware of potentially dangerous threats.

Safeguard assists with making introductions to professional contractors to help with any recommendations made to the client.

Safeguard believes in a team building approach with their clients needs.

Our team is detail-oriented, looking at all facets to fortify your property and structures.